ROTH trains clients in Business Communications, with an emphasis on using Narrative techniques to improve negotiation, EQ, leadership, listening and sales skills.

Some of our unique trainings include:

  • Story Collectors for Communicators – Discover the power of stories for advocacy and CSI communications
  • Digital Storytelling – Learn how to collect and share stories on photo and social media
  • Leader Storytelling – Discover the power of storytelling to connect and transmit your strategy and get buy-in from diverse stakeholders
  • Media Relations – How to engage positively with the media
  • Crisis Communications – Management level training for dealing with urgent issues
  • Crossing Cultures International managers needing to integrate culturally
  • Business Writing – Helping employees of all levels write email, reports, letters.

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Working with C-suite to junior employees, ROTH uses various cutting edge methodologies to facilitate  world-class workshops and interventions,  including:

  • Values – What are values, why are they important, how they affect business distillation, behaviours and capacities, 
  • Purpose – Helping organisations to find their “Why” – their mission, vision 
  • Intercultural Work – Helping foreign companies operate efficiently in Africa
  • Stories that Stick – Distill and embed a single organisational narrative
  • Men’s Work and Co-Gender trainings for the Workplace

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 Executive coaching for middle management and C-suite, both in person and remote (online).

  • Executive Presence  Helps middle management gain the requisite EQ to move into Senior positions. 
  • Executive coaching – One-on-one support for middle managers and C-suite


Company Registration:
"ROTH" is registered as a for profit company, Roth Communications (Pty) Ltd, in the Republic of South Africa.

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Head Office:

138 West Street
Sandton, Johannesburg 2031
Republic of South Africa

Tel: + 27 (0) 72 496 2483