ROTH has decades of experience in the following capabilities: 

  • research,
  • strategy,
  • consulting,
  • facilitation,
  • training,
  • content creation

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Regardless of service or product, all ROTH clients benefit from the following best practices


ROTH does the research, conceptualization, strategy and design upfront. Research interventions are backed by Communications campaigns that allow for better uptake and receptivity. Findings are workshopped twice over. Content is on message and audience specific. ROTH backs its insights because we  know our methodology has been applied.



ROTH clients enjoy holistic, strategic and organic offerings. through its decades of working in multiple specialisations – including Communications, Employee Engagement and Training. Middle management coaching programmes build individual skills and unearth content for Internal Marketing. Focus groups provide both insights and brand building. ROTH focuses on helping clients best leverage existing resources to collaborate and partner with others when strategic. 



ROTH constantly improves our products and services based on the latest technology and R&D. Our wide network of  industry-leading suppliers allows for constant innovation. This includes facilitation: we draw on techniques from (among others): psychotherapy, Narrative and Design Thinking. As befits any consultancy, ROTH invests in continuous education to maintain our technological advantage.



Clients and suppliers are ROTH’s most important relationships. We co-create solutions with our clients, and listen deeply to their needs.  ROTH knows the importance of sign-off and constant updates on large projects. We protect clients’ IP and stakeholders’ anonymity. ROTH builds trust.





As leaders in Stakeholder Engagement, ROTH’s consultants delivers excellent ROI for clients looking to grow their businesses.


From design to roll out and reporting, ROTH creates unique research interventions that build trust and obtain deep insights – every time.


ROTH facilitation uses diverse and unique methodologies to create strong containers, encourage participation and uplift clients.


Stakeholder Communications  Strategies for advocacy,  engagement and CX that are innovative and rooted in decades of experience.


From Intercultural Training to Executive Presence, ROTH trains individuals and teams to identify, harness and grow their skill sets.

Content Creation

ROTH are experts at collecting personal stories and using them to create engaging and authentic video, animation, podcast, collateral and print content – in multiple languages.


As leaders in the field, ROTH consults to clients on their Narrative Intelligence, measuring and helping them improve it  in order to attract talent, align stakeholders with their vision and grow market share.

The company draws on decades of experience in Change Communications to help clients design and gain maximum uptake and participation on their interventions. 

ROTH helps clients to unearth and expand campaign Narratives – and identify potential stakeholder stories that can make these Narratives come alive.


From design to roll out and reporting, ROTH creates unique research interventions that build trust and obtain deep insights – every time.

ROTH conducts the following qualitative research: surveys, focus groups, interviews and case studies.

We use Business Ethnography – embedding researchers into business teams – to unearth first-hand insights into operations and employee perceptions.

ROTH uses Narrative, Metaphor and Design Thinking to unlock stakeholder beliefs and customer journeys.


ROTH provides fresh Communications and Behaviour Change campaign strategies that draw on decades of experience in a multiple of sectors and are grounded in reality.

The company has produced Communications Plans and Marketing Strategies for: 

  • Programme roll-out and uptake
  • Employee engagement
  • Customer experience
  • Product launch and roll-out.



Working with C-suite to junior employees, ROTH uses various cutting edge methodologies to facilitate  world-class workshops and interventions,  including:

  • Values – distillation, behaviours and capacities, from stories of organisational practice and personal values.
  • Purpose – Helps organisations find their why – and their Brand ID
  • Stories that Stick – our intervention to help organisations distill and embed a single organisational narrative, using Storytelling Circles, Narrative Index Survey and Leadership Storytelling

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ROTH trains clients in Intercultural Training and Business Communications, with an emphasis on using Narrative techniques to improve negotiation, EQ, leadership, listening and sales skills.

Some of our unique trainings include:

  • Culture 101 – What is Culture at Organisational, National, Linguistic and Personal Levels? 
  • Crossing Cultures International managers operating in Africa needing to integrate into working culture
  • Executive Presence  Helps middle management gain the requisite EQ to move into Senior positions. 
  • Leadership Storytelling – Coaches leaders to find and tell personal stories according to business needs. 

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Content Creation

From documentary-style videos to podcasts and hand drawn animations, ROTH produces authentic and engaging content that draws on personal stories and are aligned with the client’s strategic marketing plan.

From consulting to script writing, story collecting and production, all of our content is created in-house.

ROTH also consults to clients on how best to share the content – getting the most ROI.

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Company Registration:
ROTH is registered as Roth Communications (Pty) Ltd

CIPRO registration number:

The sole Director is: Stuart Leon Rothgiesser

BEE Status (RSA)
Roth Communications (Pty) Ltd is registered as a Level Four BEE organisation (Exempt Micro Enterprise) with 50% of staff black employees.


Head Office:
138 West Street
Sandton, Johannesburg 2031

Tel: + 27 (0) 10 595 3882